Let me introduce myself

My name’s Júnior Gonçalves and in this essay I’m gonna try to explain a bit more about me.

I was born and raised in a small city called Itapira in São Paulo (Brazil). 

My parents were very poor when I was a child, but they work a lot and they got better in finance life. 

Nowadays, I’m 32 and my mom pass away last year. She had Parkinson’s disease and I helped care her with my dad. I just miss her so much. 
I’m a teacher. I’ve been teaching web development to technical education students. And also I work as web programmer in my free time since 2007 in my website Hiperbytes. But, in this moment, I’m out my job to do an interchange in NZ. I just for waiting my student visa to go. 
I believe to have a spirit of adventure. Because I always try find out new challenges to me. I’m proud to say that I published a book called “Diário de um Blogueiro”; I already had two opportunities to travel, first EUA in 2012 and after in Greece in 2015; and in this year I’m gonna go to New Zealand to do an interchange
When I was a child I was bit shy. But I’ve progress quite a lot in this point. Nowadays, of course, I can talk to strangers and to speak in public. I chose to be a teacher, so wouldn’t be possible to be shy yet.
I am much simple in my life. For example, I don’t care about expensive clothes. I prefer spend my money with experiences instead of expensive material things. 
I spend the majority of my time alone and only have a few friends to go out. By the way, I don’t like parties to drink beer all every weekend. I prefer stayed home reading books, listening podcast and watching movies, mainly if the subject teach me something new. 
I’m very calm, patient and emotional. It’s very hard anybody can make me nervous and I can’t see anybody crying that I start to cry also. Even if I’ve watching TV. 
I don’t have addictions. I worry a lot my health. I practice sports 3/4 times a week and I eat healthy food when I can, but never left to eat taste food when I wanted.
I would like to tell you more about me, but English is hard to me yet. 
For while that’s it. 
See you soon.

Este artigo foi escrito por Júnior Gonçalves e apareceu primeiro em http://www.neuronio20.com

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