Intercâmbio Nova Zelândia – Diary #02

O depoimento de viagem a seguir tem como objetivo compartilhar a minha experiência de intercâmbio realizado em 2018 na Nova Zelândia. Na série de artigos chamada “Diary” contarei algumas coisas em inglês para praticar a minha escrita.

Dear friend 

I’m here again to tell you about my amazing experiences in NZ. 

I stayed in student accommodation for three weeks. It was a good time because I met many people from around the world (Uruguay, India, Thailand and Chile). These guys helped me a lot and they’re good friends. However, I was on the verge of going crazy. Eighteen people in the same apartment is shitty! I wanted a single room where I could have privacy and confort. 
Intercâmbio Nova Zelândia - Diary #02

Therefore, I moved into a homestay and I’ve been living here since then. My hostfamily is very kind, generous and patient with me. Every day during dinner they teach me something in English or about this country. My family consists of a father, a mother, a sister and a little dog whom they call Yogi. 

In Brazil I was worried about what I could eat, but if you want, you can buy the same food of Brazil here in the supermarket. This week, for example, I bought rice, chicken breasts, carrots, brocolli and, of course, a bunch of bananas. I love bananas! I cook every sunday and I keep my lunch in the fridge during week. 

I need to be honest with you: I’ve spent a mountain of money to pay my bills every months. I’m usually very careful with my money but sometimes I splash out on pub night when I go out with my friends. I know what you are going to tell me: Don’t do it! But what can I do? This city seems like a Wonderland.

See you…

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