Intercâmbio Nova Zelândia – Takeshi

Takeshi – We lost our first opportunity to become friends because he thought I was wierd. I’m sure he was right about that (!) However, fortunalety, he changed his mind about me after we moved to another class at school.
I’ve a lot of felling of thankfulness because I learned many grammar with him (he’s my Grammar Master) and I had the opportunity to meet a very specially friend. 
We were the best partner each other in our class and we brought that outside school. Many times we talked for a long time about our countries, lives, culture, etc.
Sometimes I had felt so good with him that I had forgot I was speaking in English. Certainly that I will see Takeshi again. I can’t say when but I’m one hundred percent sure about that.

Intercâmbio Nova Zelândia - Takeshi

Intercâmbio Nova Zelândia - Takeshi
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