Intercâmbio Nova Zelândia – Diary #05

O depoimento de viagem a seguir tem como objetivo compartilhar a minha experiência de intercâmbio realizado em 2018 na Nova Zelândia. Na série de artigos chamada “Diary” contarei algumas coisas em inglês para praticar a minha escrita.
I definitely made the best decision in my life when I decide to come NZ. I tell you this because I renewed my zest for life and it was better than I thought for quite a lot of reasons. 

First of all, because I really improved my English. You know, this is very hard for me. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense what the people are saying and my brain becomes a mess but I really want to speak English and I don’t mind if I make mistakes, even though I get embarrassed. 

Intercâmbio Nova Zelândia - Diary #05

My goals are to improve my English and to learn different cultures as well. However, I’ve met quite amazing people who I’ll never forget, for example, my teachers whose name are Simon and Irena. They are great teachers, but I have another reasons why I like them. 

Simon is very intelligent and well-educated. He knows about everything and his class is always interesting. Sometimes I forget I am studying English, because I really like when he is talking about world war 2, differences between cultures, origin of words, social inequality and old songs. As if having, he’s a great friend.

Intercâmbio Nova Zelândia - Diary #05
Level 4 – Simon’s class

Intercâmbio Nova Zelândia - Diary #05
Level 5 – Irena’s class

Irena is from Croatia. It’s impossible to be sad in her class, because she is very cheerful and funny. I love that! Also, she is very generous with her students because she does everything to help them, even if it’s necessary to spend more time with them after class. 

Sometimes people ask me when I’ll go back to Brazil. Well, if I get a job here, I’d stay for longer time, of course. But, on the other hand, I have to go back in December. 

That’s all for now. See you next time my friend.
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