Intercâmbio Nova Zelândia – Diary #04

O depoimento de viagem a seguir tem como objetivo compartilhar a minha experiência de intercâmbio realizado em 2018 na Nova Zelândia. Na série de artigos chamada “Diary” contarei algumas coisas em inglês para praticar a minha escrita.

Dear friend

Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand, but it`s very different to what we are used to in Brazil. In the center of the city you can see many buildings and a crowd of people going everywhere. However, if you take a bus for 15 minutes, you can arrive to peaceful places like Saint Heliers and Ladies Bay.

Intercâmbio Nova Zelândia - Diary #04

Saint Heliers is a charming suburb of Auckland where I love to spend time, because it`s very calm and quiet. This place isn`t popular among tourist, but for me it`s the best place at this moment.
Always, when I can, I like to visit Achilles Point too. This place is at the top of Ladies Bay and you can enjoy an awesome view of the whole city. You should go there one day, I recommend it a lot.
In my last letter I told you about the school party that I was thinking of going to. Well, I went and enjoyed it a lot. I was very excited and danced with my friends and English teacher. It could have been better if I werent`t so shy, but I`m very happy because I went there.
See you…

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