Intercâmbio Nova Zelândia – Diary #03

O depoimento de viagem a seguir tem como objetivo compartilhar a minha experiência de intercâmbio realizado em 2018 na Nova Zelândia. Na série de artigos chamada “Diary” contarei algumas coisas em inglês para praticar a minha escrita.
Dear friend

Last weekend I went to Devonport with my Brazilian friends Diego and Marina. We woke up early and took bus to get there. We had fish and chips for lunch, walked through streets and climbed Mount Victoria.

I was very excited because over two years ago I was reading about NZ when I saw a beautiful photo of Auckland. I thought “I want to go there one day”. From that day on I used that photo like wallpaper on my computer. So, after all this time, I finally got where that photo was taken.

Intercâmbio Nova Zelândia - Diary #03

I already I met a lot of people and one this person is a japanese called Ryo who is in same class with me since when I’ve been here. He is a little bit shy, but he is very kind and dedicated in his study. I always learn something with him.

Last week we had lunch together and we chated about what he got up to on weekend and he told me: “I was go fishing and I cooked sashimi”.

Tomorrow will be school party and my friends wants I go with them. They said to me: “Let’s go to sing and dance!” Sorry – I answered – I can’t even speak english, let alone sing. 😂

That’s all for this time. Bye for now. See you next time.

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