domingo, 17 de março de 2019

Diary #08 - Trip by motorcycle

Na série de artigos chamada Diary contarei algumas coisas em inglês para praticar a minha escrita.

Diary #8

Hi! How's it going my friend? Let me tell you some stuffs about me.

Last week it was Carnaval in Brazil then I had some days off. I enjoyed a lot because I went to Campinas by motorcycle. This city it's bigger then my hometown and we can have a good time there.

I went to the cinema for watching Captain Marvel which I liked a lot. It isn't an amazing movie, but I really liked it. 

I don't know if you know about the site Kahoot. I've known in Worldwide School and I used at my class and my students loved it. My teacher Irena gave me a great idea for my job.

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